Our Recorded Services

All our services, including those not shown below, can be viewed on YouTube. Please click here to go to our Youtube Channel

Orthros and Liturgy, Sunday of the Samaritan Woman 5/18/2020

Saturday Vespers for the Sunday of the Samartan Woman 5/17/2020

Wednesday Evening of the Fourth Week, Vespers 5/13/2020

Orthros and Liturgy, Sunday of the Paralytic 5/10/2020

Great Vespers, Sunday of the Paralytics 5/9/2020

Wednesday Vespers, 3rd Week of Paschas 5/6/2020

Orthros and Liturgy, Sunday of Myrrh Bearing Women, Pious Joseph of Arimathea, and Righteous Nicodemus 5/2/2020

Vespers, Sunday of Myrrh Bearing Women, Pious Joseph of Arimathea, and Righteous Nicodemus 5/2/2020

Sunday after Pascha Orthros and Liturgy, St. Thomas' Confirmation of Faith 4/26/2020

Vespers Sunday after Pascha, St. Thomas' Confirmation of Faith 4/25/2020

Bright Thursday Orthros and Liturgy with Celebration of St. George 4/23/2020

Bright Thursday Vespers with Celebration of St. George 4/22/2020

Great and Holy Pascha Agape Vespers 4/19/2020

Great and Holy Pascha 4/18/19/2020

Vesperal Liturgy of Great and Holy Saturday 4/18/2020

The Royal Hours of Great and Holy Friday (Great Friday Morning) 4/17/2020

Orthros for Great and Holy Friday (12 Passion Gospels, Holy Thursday Evening) Crucifixion of Christ 4/16/2020

Vesperal Divine Liturgy of The Mystical Supper, Great and Holy Thursday 4/16/2020

Bridegroom Orthros for Great and Holy Thursday, (Holy Wednesday Evening), The Mystical Supper 4/15/2020

Great and Holy Tuesday: Bridegroom Service 4/14/2020

Great and Holy Monday: Bridegroom Service 4/13/2020

Palm Sunday Bridegroom Service 4/12/2020

Palm Sunday Orthros and Liturgy 4/12/2020

Palm Sunday Vespers 4/11/2020

Saint Lazarus Orthros and Liturgy 4/11/2020

Lazarus Saturday: Click here to view the service bulletin.

The Canon of Saint Lazarus 4/10/2020

Orthros and Divine Liturgy 4/5/2020

Vespers 4/4/2020

Fifth & Final Akathist 4/3/2020

4th Sunday of Lent, St. John The Ladder - Orthros & Liturgy 3/29/2020

Vespers 3/27/2020

Orthros and Liturgy for the Annunciation- 24th March 2020

Orthros and Liturgy - 22nd March 2020

Orthros starts around 8 minutes into the video and Liturgy about an hour later.


If you are having problems with audio, you can view our second channel by clicking here. If you open this link, the audio will be much higher and you can still watch on this page if you prefer. Please forgive us as we experiment to provide the best experience for you. 

How to Pray with Streaming Services

How to participate online:

  • Stand for the service when possible. Try not to get too comfortable in the sofa or recliner. Sit for the homily and if you get too tired, but try to stand for most of the service.

  • If you are watching the service on your laptop or cell phone, take it to where you have your icons. If you watch on your television, bring some icons into the room with you. If you would like to burn some incense, that might help as well.

  • Watch as a family. Remember, we are a community of faith, not individuals.

  • Sing along with the Chanter, say the Creed and the "Our Father."

  • Have coffee before or after, but not during the service.

  • Remember, this is Church, not a sporting event. You don't need nuts and pretzels.

All of this will take a bit of adjustment, but it will be helpful for us to pray and seek Christ even if we have to stay at home. 


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