Church Facility Management

The calendars below show the availablity our church facilities, including the church, church hall, kitchen, and school building, etc. The first is in tabular format and the one below is shown in a calendar view. In the tabular format, if an event is shown on the time and date you need the space, please click on the event and the pop-up will show which rooms, spaces, etc., are in use for that period. You can also select to show "Details" and the facilities in use for each event will be displayed. In the calendar view, each facility is color coded, making it easy to see which of the facilites are being used.

If you require the use of any of these spaces for your organization or ministry event, please contact Father Joshua, or scroll to th bottom of this page and use the form to reserve your space. Please ensure you enter both the date, start time and duration of your event.


Please enter your event details below and we will get back to you, regarding your request.

Please click here to download the kitchen checklist.