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Our community has been bearing witness and living the gospel for over 100 years. St. George Cathedral is located in the heart of Oakland on the corner of the Boulevard of the Allies and Dawson Street, only five minutes from the University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University. We have a growing parish full of parishioners from all ages and backgrounds.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to be dedicated to putting the gospel into action and bearing witness to the world. We shall accomplish this through outreach to our neighbors, members, and all who are seeking the true faith. We are dedicated to maintaining a parish environment that is warm, loving, healthy, nurturing , and healing.

Our Vision

Our vision is our Church being steeped in Tradition. Our community as possessing and carrying the peace of Christ to others. The parish serving as a nurturing and social family environment.

Corona Virus Updates

Dear Parishioners,

I hope this email finds you well. His Eminence Metropolitan Joseph issued a letter/ directive today for us to abide by. 

All liturgical services will be served only by clergy and a chanter. There will be no altar servers in the altar. We are moving quickly to get live-streaming up and ready for this weekend. Before then, we will send out instructions as to how to access the live stream.

The only services that the priest will be serving is the Sunday Orthros and Liturgy, Friday evening Akathist, and the services for the Feast of the Annunciation. 

A separate time will be announced where parishioners can come to receive communion, however crowds must be avoided and the flow into the church during those communion hours will have to be regulated. More information for that will be released later. No harm will come to you spiritually if you cannot take communion for a week or even 2 weeks...however a time will be announced. All of these changes are in place indefinitely until things stabilize. 

Some might seek to see if services are open somewhere else. If you do so, reflect on the following, such actions will lead to extra crowding at that church and that individual is then undermining the hard efforts of the local community, country, and indeed the world to sacrifice so this virus can be contained.  We must pivot our mindset to grasp this reality. It is my understanding the all jurisdictions are taking these actions. It is the responsible thing to do.  The testing for the virus in the US has been a disaster. As a result it is spreading without experts being able to get a grasp on just how many have it. These actions are being taken to slow it down till testing can increase, more infections discovered, which can then lead to better containment.  Many may be carrying it but are asymptomatic (have no symptoms)...but can spread it.

This is an opportunity to work on our own individual prayer life and families are encouraged to pray together each in their own home. Below is a link to services that individuals or families can do in their own homes. Please do not have gatherings in your house for these prayers as it undermines the whole point of social distancing for the greater good. Many report struggles in their own personal prayer life.  During the times you would normally be at church, consider going to your room to pray.  Turn your home into a monastery, retreat into the desert! This is how the desert fathers lived...many of the desert fathers lived in isolation, away from others, so they could pray without distraction. We will announce times during the week where the church might be open to light candles or sit for a bit...but not socialize in crowds.  The link to reader's services are below.

Click here for the Metropolitan's letter.  The clergy will gather with one chanter only to pray for the people while the people pray at home. 

Will be in touch with more updates and instructions as to how keep this time edifying spiritually. The church will teach, preach, and pray remotely during this time. 

I sense a shift in our community and country. We cannot stay in a place of fear and shock. As I recall a time in history where words were uttered in a desperate situation, "We can't stay here." The response: "Then we shall move forward!". The initial mindset of shock, grief, and fear is giving way to resolve, rallying, and teamwork.  Let's work to make this our finest hour. 


Yours in Christ,

Fr. Joshua 

Our Bulletin - The Cathedral Messenger

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More About Us

Welcome to St. George Antiochian Orthodox Cathedral in Pittsburgh (Oakland), PA. We are part of the Eastern Orthodox Church. Our lineage of bishops and Patriarchs can be traced down to the original apostles of the New Testament. We are proud of our apostolic succession and to be the church of the New Testament. We are a church that is steeped in Tradition and Asceticism. The Orthodox Church teaches the mercy and love of God but balanced with the belief that we are all called to spiritual growth, to walk according to God and not according to the world, and to live in communion with God on a daily basis.

Our Cathedral community is a very active and dynamic church. There are many organizations in which members can be involved and liturgical services are offered and held throughout the week. We offer an Applied Orthodox Spirituality group that meets every Wednesday evening, after vespers, at 7:45PM. The topics of discussion are about how to apply our Orthodox faith, with its rich spirituality and asceticism, to our daily life and the challenges that come with this application. The Cathedral has been blessed with two powerful and outstanding choirs, a traditional four part choir as well as with a traditional Byzantine choir which recently released its second CD.

Visitors are welcome. Please feel free to tour the website and to view the photos that offer a glimpse into our deep, rich liturgical life. We hope you visit and find a spiritual home at St. George.

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