Ministries of Worship and the Divine Services:

Altar Servers

Those who feel called to serve in the holy altar during the divine services and to help maintain the altar in between services.

Altar Vestment Ministry

Those who desire to use their talents towards maintaining and creating the vestments and liturgical/ altar cloths that are used in the altar and for the altar servers.


We have been blessed with two powerful choirs. St. George has a Byzantine choir that has produced CDs and also a three part liturgical choir that chants during the Sunday liturgy.  The Byzantine choir chants the Matins, Vespers, and weekday liturgy services. Anyone is welcome to join either one of both of the choirs.


Chanting class for children

We offer classes once per month in which children can learn to chant the traditional Byzantine chant. Families are encouraged to participate together in this class.


Blessed Children Publication

The Cathedral publishes a Children’s book quarterly that can be used a tool to help teach children about their faith

Church School

We have an active church school program that meets on Sundays at 9:30AM in our church school building. There are classes for each age group and also for teens.

Applied Orthodox Spirituality Class

This class meets on Wednesday evenings at 7:45PM just after vespers. It is free discussion and moderated by the pastor. Topics of discussion and teaching revolve around the struggles of applying our faith to our everyday life.

Adult Education Class

This is a class for adults who wish to deepen their knowledge about their faith. This class meets at 9:30AM on Sundays in the Cathedral hall.

Church Library

We offer a full service library in the church hall in which books can be signed out. All are welcome to use this service.


Organization Ministries

Our community has many different organizations and each one conducts humanitarian activities such as clothing drives, visiting shut-ins, preparing food for those who are hungry, raising funds to donate, and other service related activities.

*Please see Organization Ministry list for more information.

Organization Ministries:


Our youth group is active and helps provide faith based and social activities for our teen aged members. Their activities include social events, fundraisers, spiritual retreats to local Monasteries, discussion groups, and service projects. In this difficult world we live in, it is important we provide our teens with peer and spiritual support.

Society of St. George

The Society of St. George provides social activities for the parish, humanitarian activities, and senior fellowship. The Society also helps in supporting the shut-ins and those who are sick.

Antiochian Women

The Antiochian Women are an active and dynamic organization of female members who take on special fundraising goals related to humanitarian needs of various causes and groups in need. They also have social events and provide a great source of female peer support.

St. George Lifetime Adult Ministry (L.A.M.)

The St. George Lifetime Adult Ministry is an organisation of men and women, single and married, 60 years of age or older who have joined in the common objective of living vital and vibrant lives through spiritual growth in Christ, service to fellow members, and full participation in an active social life. If you are a St. George parishioner, L.A.M. offers a great opportunity to form new friendships. The focus is on social activity and enjoying one another's company. Come and join us!

St. George Mom's Group

Being a mom is a fulltime job and Ministry in itself! Join our St. George Mom’s group

For fellowship, support, day time worship, and fun: Friday Orthros Service 9:30 AM in the Cathedral. Fellowship and Spiritually Nourishing activities throughout the year

Please see Kristin Catanese or Fr. Joshua for more information.

St. George Children's Ministry

Provides social and service activities for the children of the parish. This ministry helps them discover their importance and helps them learn service at an early age.

St. George College Student Ministry

This ministry provides welcome, service, and gifts to the college students to help provide them with a home away from home.

St. George Homeless Ministry

Once a month on a Sunday this ministry prepares a meal for a local shelter, serves the people there, and eats with them.

St. George Men's Ministry

This ministry provides support, education, and social activities for the male members of the community. Projects also include service projects and opportunities to gain greater self-awareness and get peer support for issues that men might struggle with.


Support Groups:

Grief/ loss group

Every month a support group is held to help those who are grieving or struggling with any kind of loss.

Annual Marriage Retreat

Each year we will provide a weekend long marriage retreat for parishioners.